ANAI segnala - EABH - Coping with Disasters 200 years of international official lending
Online, 4 febbraio 2021

Coping with Disasters

200 years of international official lending

4 Feb 2021


Kiel, Germany


eabh in conversation (on zoom) with Christoph Trebesch (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)


based on a joint paper by Sebastian Horn, Carmen M. Reinhart and Christoph Trebesch 


The scale of official (bilateral and multilateral) lending is hugely relevant, yet has received little academic attention –  so far.  Now, Christoph Trebesch and his co-authors collected data on state-directed lending by 134 creditor countries and 50 international and regional financial organisations for 200 years. Using this database they document the characteristics of official capital flows, link them to the occurrence of disasters (wars, financial crises and natural catastrophes), and study their determinants. Official international lending is much larger than previously known.


Join our web talk with Christoph to learn about their main findings and why these historical insights can be of particular relevance for those working on post covid recovery initiatives.



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