ANAI Segnala - Photography Collections of Financial Companies II - Call for papers
15 febbraio 2020

Photography Collections of Financial Companies II

Archival Workshope abh in cooperation with National Bank of Greece

12 June 2020National Bank of Greece

82 & 93 Eolou Street10551 Athens, Greece


Call for Papers

This workshop wants to put the spotlight on the photography collections of not exclusively, but mainly financial corporations. It is the continuation of a workshop on the same topic that took place in cooperation with ING in 2011.Photography collections of corporations are often broad and extensive but very little explored for marketing, research and digital access. This archival workshop aims to discover the contents, importance and use of corporate photography collections of (financial) organisations:


Where are these - often extensive - collections? How are they used? Which is their use and marketing value for institutors themselves?Which is their value for research beyond financial history (social, political history, etc.)?How can they be made available to a wider audience of scholars and the public eye? The program committee encourages the submission of papers with specific emphasis on the following areas:

• Corporate photography collections in financial institutions

• Corporate photography collections in museums and public archives• Use of corporate photography collections at exhibitions and in publications

• Use of corporate photography collections for researching financial, economic, social and political history

• Digital platforms for photography collections

• Negotiating rights, contracts with third party agents, etc.


Please send your proposals to Gabriella Massaglia ( the following information:

- Title of paper

- Name of speaker

- Affiliation of speaker

- Abstract (max 350 words)

- Short biography (max 75 words)


The deadline for submission is 15 February 2020


Selected speakers will be asked to:- Submit a full paper 1 month p rior the workshop- Give a presentation of 15 - 20 minutes on 12 June 2020 in Athens 

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