ANAI Segnala - European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) fellowship application
Roma, 30 luglio 2018

Additional Call for EHRI Fellowship-Applications – Deadline: 31 August 2018


We are delighted to announce an additional Call for Applications for EHRI Fellowships. We offer additional weeks of access at a limited number of EHRI institutions (see below). The deadline for applications is the 31 August 2018. Applicants will be notified during the second half of September.


Please note that Fellowships will have to be completed before the end of the EHRI project. The current end date of the project is 30 April 2019. However, an extension of the project to 31 August is currently under consideration. Successful candidates will be advised about the project’s effective end date as soon as possible.


The EHRI fellowships are intended to support and stimulate Holocaust research by facilitating international access to key archives and collections related to the Holocaust as well as archival knowhow. The fellowships intend to support researchers, archivists, curators, and younger scholars, especially PhD candidates with limited resources.


The fellowships are funded by the European Union under the rules of transnational access and are thus principally open to applicants working at institutions established in member (the EU-28) and associate states. By EU regulations, participation by Fellows working at institutions in third countries is limited to 20% of the total amount of units of access provided by EHRI. It is not possible to apply for a Fellowship at an institution in the same country where one works. Candidates from Central and Eastern Europe are especially encouraged to apply. EHRI aims at creating an equal opportunity environment and thus does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation or disability.


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